Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

People who want to buy multi-pattern condenser microphone and looking for the right place, then you can find the unique sonic signature of akg c414 at This brand is suitable for classic-music recording or drum ambience miking needs. Using this microphone that help you choose the perfect setting for every application. Artist can use For live-sound applications and permanent installation as well as improved technical specifications.

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How To Handle Life's Problems

Try to enrich your life at all times. Your life is a gift - so enjoy it to the absolute fullest. But when things are going well (or so we think), suddenly things go radically wrong and our whole lives get turned upside down.

Why is it that certain people have fewer problems and are less ill than others. They are happier people;because their OUTLOOK ON LIFE is different. I thinkso. They seem to have a power and control over their own lives. Something I don’t seem to have at the moment - enough negative thoughts, Craig!

The mind influences how we feel, how our body reacts to certain events and chiefly how successful we are in work and play. Therefore, it is a very strong force in our lives. When we first encounter adversity or severe trauma, it is our mind which has to cope with the unexpected. We first feel anintense shock, then there is disbelief, an overwhelming numbness, disorientation, consuming pain, panic…and finally exhaustion. These are very real responses for you in a major life crisis, which are difficult for others to understand. These reactions can vary in intensity and duration, depending on your personality make-up. Are you highly strung and an intense and sensitive “little soul”, like me?

The power of the mind is exemplified with placebos (nice word, that!). An ineffectual glass of water or a pill WILL make you feel better, when you believe it has medicinal properties and CAN help you (this is known as a placebo). They can also relax you more, help you to feel less anxious, fearful and enable you to sleep better. People with cancer can outlive the predictions of the medical fraternity, when they have faith and BELIEVE they will get better. On the other hand, on diagnosis of cancer some patient’s conditions deteriorate drastically. They have now lost hope of ever getting better. It really is all in the mind (our health and everything that happens to us) and depends on our ATTITUDE to life. A positive attitude helps greatly in health and in happiness. If we rather see hardship as a challenge, it will greatly help us to pull through. That’s what keeps me going here! I believe that people with strong minds can even postpone death. However, what normally happens in our daily lives? We usually tend to make excuses and find scapegoats for our condition, our “poor” situations. However, I definitely believe obstacles do not have to be insurmountable roadblocks on the pathway to achievement, success or happiness - because the mind is a very powerful tool. If used properly, it can be a very strong positive force in our lives.

Our reactions come out of our feelings and our feelings come out of what we believe about ourselves.

Even in the midst of the biggest life problems and severest human crises, you still have a CHOICE:You have FREEDOM to choose your thoughts, to THINK what you want. So,



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Quality Studio Monitor Stands

Anyone is searching for the high-quality stands for their studio monitors, then MusiciansFriend is an ideal place for them to purchase at an affordable price. They are listed varieties of studio monitor stands with features, you can easy to compare them at one place and find the right one for your needs. Using adjustable studio monitor stands and make your music programs as a comfortable one.

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Life Skills to Have, Use and Improve

It takes a lot of skills to negotiate through life. Many of them we pick up along the way, others we need to develop, and some we just need to polish a little bit.

Here are ten important life skills:

  1. Listening

  2. Giving compliments

  3. Accepting compliments

  4. Thinking positive

  5. Saying “No”

  6. Laughing

  7. Planning

  8. Asking questions

  9. Reading

  10. Exercising

Now, consider the following questions:

How often do you use these skills? –Not enough? Too much? Or not at all?

Could you benefit from studying or applying any of these more? What type of help would you need to improve a skill?

Are there others skills that are more important or more necessary to you than these are? If so, what are they?

Answer these questions and you’ll not only discover weak areas that you need to improve uponFree Articles, you’ll discover your true strengths… and have a lot of fun while you do!

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Wide Range of Digital Pianos

People who are interested in playing digital piano and looking for the ideal place to purchase it at an affordable price, then find in stock privia px 350 at musicians friend. They offer the lightweight and stylish design of digital piano line, you can compare the features like sound sources, performance, speed and accuracy and much more that make your decision easier. Players can easy to store their favorite splits and layers to the live-performance use as well as they can record their performances directly. Using it and enjoy the comfort.

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Things in Life That You Control

We humans spend much of our time trying to control every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, too often we waste time trying to control things that are simply beyond our control.

Having an understanding of what things you do control can make it easier for you to gain control of your life and everything in it.

  • What you do.

Your actions are yours alone. You choose to make them or not make them and you are responsible for the effects of those actions.

  • What you say.

Likewise, the words you speak (or write) are also consciously chosen. Like actions, they have an impact on your life and the lives of those you contact.

  • What you think.

Yes, there are some subconscious thoughts that you can’t control. But the things that you really think about, your beliefs, your ideals, etc. are concepts you have chosen to accept and believe in.

*. Your work.

Many people like to overlook this one, it being much easier to say “Oh, I’m trapped in my job because I don’t have a degree, experience, etc.”

Hogwash! That’s simple a way of denying one’s responsibility in having chosen the job in the first place. It’s your job and you chose it. If you stay (or go), that’s a choice as well.

  • The people you associate with.

There’s a famous t-shirt that states: “It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys.” Colloquial is very often correct! Your friends can either lift you up or bring you down. You make the decision which type of friends you wish to have.

  • Your basic physical health.

Much about our health is a factor of genetics, environment, and exposure. Much more of our health is simply a matter of the decisions we make about our health, such as: diet, exercise, drugs, sleep, routine physicals, check-ups, etc.

  • The environment you live in.

Your house, the condition of your home, the town you live in, the amenities available to you are all things you can control, although some to a lesser degree (i.e., you decide to tolerate them or move someplace else).

  • Your fiscal situation.

Having or not having enough money is a factor of what you make versus what you spend.

  • Your time.

You choose how to “spend” your time and how much of your time to give to various activities. You’ll never get more time than the 24 hours you’re given each day.

  • Your legacy.

All your actions, wordsFree Web Content, and knowledge that you share while you are living become the gift that you leave when you are gone.

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Studio Monitor Headphones

As a stage performer, you need studio monitor headphones with the best possible place, then you can find a quality audio-technica ath-m50s at Guitar Center. This is the professional studio monitor headphones that give exceptionally accurate response and listening comfort. The perfect monitoring and mixing deliver exceptional audio quality. People can use this sophisticated studio moniter headphones and enjoy the music.

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How to Quit Life and Start Living!

  1. Recognize that LIFE is what you get when you’re born…

…LIVING is what you do with it! You can sit back and wait for life to happen to you or you can make it happen yourself. As Maya Angelou once said, ‘Life likes to be taken by the lapel and told, I’m with you kid. Let’s go!’

  1. Define life… It leads to the fine life.

Life is not a slogan, no matter what Nike, McDonald’s, ABC, NBC, or any other media giant might have you believe. While those ‘Life is…’ t-shirts are often witty, the philosophy they propose, like the shirts themselves, are rarely ‘one size fits all.’

Define life and living on your own terms and you’ve a better chance of getting both.

  1. Take charge of your life.

Geoffrey Abert said that when you take charge of your life ‘…there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life.’

To start living your life you’ve got to be in control of it.

  1. Little things mean a lot.

Life throws a lot of little negative things in our way that must be dealt with or else they will greatly diminish how we enjoy our days.

Stephen Vincent Benet said it best: ‘Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways.’

  1. Employ the power of positive quitting.

Most of us view quitting as something negative, but it’s not. ‘Winners never quit,’ we’re told, when, in reality, winners quit all the time: choosing to stop doing things that aren’t creating the results they desire.

When you quit all the things that aren’t working for you… When you quit tolerating all the negative things that hold you back… You’ll create a positive ‘charge’ in your life as well as well creating the space in your life for more positive experiences.

  1. Charge into your future!

As you recreate this positive force in your life, take big, massive leaps into your future. Be imaginative, bold, and brave! The results may surprise you.

  1. Use everything.

You are blessed with a particular set of skills and talents that NO ONE else has. Use every skill and talent to live your life as joyfully and abundantly as possible. Leave this life as Erma Bombeck wished to: ‘When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could sayArticle Submission, ‘I used everything you gave me.’’

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Quality Tube Guitar Amp Head

Artists who are looking for the guitar amplifier heads that give authentic tone and feel, then visit at MusiciansFriend. Here, you can find a quality brand tone king amps at a very reasonable price. Visit the categories page to compare the features of amplifiers and effects that make your selection easier. Chose the high-quality tube guitar amplifier head that match your specification and budget and enjoy the vintage tone.

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No Stress Holidays

The holidays are coming soon. Get organized now, and you’ll have plenty of time to spend with your family. With everything that needs to be done throughout the holiday season, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a simple system that would help you get your holiday season organized?

Start with a family meeting. Family meetings are perfect for organizing things from chore schedules to parties. It’s also the perfect time for everyone to keep in touch with each other. Schedule one or two per holiday season. Start now for Thanksgiving and schedule another one for Christmas before the end of November. Schedule a call-free hour for each planning session and let the answering machine field calls. Planning early will give everyone something fun to look forward to.

Don’t overbook your schedule. Pick the things you enjoy doing the most, and focus on them. This way, you’ll have plenty of additional time for yourself and your family.

Purchase a five section divided notebook (or use pages from your personal organizer). Title each of the dividers as follows: Holiday Schedule, Gifts, Meals, Parties, and Extras.

Holiday Schedule

In the Holiday Schedule section of your notebook, paste in a calendar page for the month of December. This section will be the center of all holiday activities. That is why it is so important to have a family meeting, making sure everybody gets to do and participate in what he/she likes best. On this page keep track of all holiday events and parties, including school programs, concerts, and work parties. Remember to include your favorite television specials and family traditions such as viewing the Live Nativity or the Christmas Light Tour. Don’t forget getting the Christmas tree and decorating the house.

In the same section of your notebook number the pages from 1 to 31 and use these pages as your daily calendar. As the month progresses you will appreciate the open spaces of the daily calendar for scheduling events and activities. Remember to schedule in shopping for gifts along with wrapping and mailing them. This would be a good spot to schedule in Christmas cards, too, writing them and getting them into the mail.


In the Gift section of your notebook write a heading across each page as needed. Kid’s Wish List requires a page for each child. Copy directly from their list or paste it in. Gift Ideas should be a couple of pages devoted to jotting down gift ideas as they come up while shopping, watching TV or talking to someone. Stocking Stuffer Ideas should follow the same format as gift ideas but jotting down stocking stuffer ideas instead. The Master Gift List is the key to your budget and your sanity. On the Master gift list use a page for each person or group of people (people from work, nieces and nephews, etc.) and keep track of what you actually buy and how much you spend. This is the key to making sure you don’t forget anybody, that you don’t spend too much, and that your spending is balanced.

Holiday Meals

Use this section of your notebook to plan your holiday meals and to plan your baking and candy making. Title each section accordingly. Jot down the menu for your holiday dinner and make out your shopping list. Check your baking and candy recipes and make out your shopping list. If you have other special holiday items just add them here: decorative paper plates and napkins, Hickory Farms for unexpected guests, eggnog, a trip to the liquor store. Keep track of everything you need here and you won’t be making second and third trips to the store for forgotten items.

Holiday Parties

This section is good whether you are planning a party, going to a party or both. Include sections on Decorations (what you will use, where they are, additional items you will need to purchase), Guest List, Food and Beverages (plan here for potluck parties you are invited to as well as the menu for your party), Preparation (what needs to be done and who is going to do it–try to divide responsibilities evenly), Invitations and Wardrobe Planner (make sure you have all the accessories as well as your main outfit for each occasion).


This section of your notebook will include the Holiday Chore List. This is a place to list all of the extras that need to be done for the holidays: extra cleaning, getting the guest room ready, putting up the outside decorations, etc. Remember to schedule time sensitive chores onto your daily calendar in section one. The family meeting is a good place to discuss these extras and to divvy them up.

The Extras section is also a good spot for your Christmas Decorations inventory. Jot down items that you remember from last year that you need: extra lights, a bigger tree stand, new candles, etc. As you begin to decorate you can also add onto this list.

Planning your holiday season may seem like too much trouble, but the benefits of planning in advance are numerous: no double scheduling, no wasted shopping trips, no scrambling around trying to find last minute gifts, peace of mind knowing that you did everything you wanted to do most, and the joy of a no stress holiday season filled with friends, family and fun. And just thinkFree Reprint Articles, next year you will have your holiday planner all set up and ready to go. Put this year’s planner in a safe place and bring it out next holiday season for another no stress holiday.

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